2020 Compkart Covert 3.0 specifically made to race and win in 2 Cycle Competition


For 2020 the top model ‘Covert 3.0’ structurally has remained unchanged in its initial appearance, which ensures a continuation of its remarkable performance. New Changes are; KG 506 nose cone & driver panel. In addition a new exhaust bracket extension available in different configurations depending on engine platform made of steel. From the aesthetic the sticker has changed to represent the brand more independently with a fresh and simpler look while implementing more black color.

Standard Details

  • Blue Anodized Pedals, Cassettes and Tie Rod Tubes
  • Front Steering Box / Heel Rest Mount / Driver Panel Mount
  • Rear Cassette Flanges Specifically Designed
  • KG 506 Fairing Kit
  • Fuel Tank Mounting Bracket

Optional Details

  • One piece magnesium rear brake disc carrier
  • Magnesium rear axle cassette

Chassis Highlights

  • 1045mm Wheelbase
  • Unique Tubing Mixture (30mm ø)
  • 3 Position Rear Ride Height
  • 26 Position Uni-ball Eccentric x 10mm
  • 25mm Stub Axle (Refined Geometry)
  • 50mm x 2mm x 1020mm Axle Type C3.2
  • CK.SE Type Seat ‘Extra Soft’

2022 Compkart Covert 3.0