2020 Compkart Covert 3.0 KZ kart specifically made to race and win in Shifter Competition


For 2020 the top model ‘Covert 3.0’ structurally has remained unchanged in its initial appearance, which ensures a continuation of its remarkable performance. New Changes are; KG 506 nose cone & driver panel. In addition a new exhaust bracket extension available in different configurations depending on engine platform made of steel. From the aesthetic the sticker has changed to represent the brand more independently with a fresh and simpler look while implementing more black color.

Standard Details

  • Blue Anodized Pedals, Cassettes and Tie Rod Tubes
  • Front Steering Box / Heel Rest Mount / Driver Panel Mount
  • Rear Cassette Flanges Specifically Designed
  • KG 506 Fairing Kit
  • Fuel Tank Mounting Bracket

Optional Details

  • One piece magnesium rear brake disc carrier
  • Magnesium rear axle cassette

Chassis Highlights

  • 1045mm Wheelbase
  • Unique Tubing Mixture (30mm ø)
  • 3 Position Rear Ride Height
  • 26 Position Uni-ball Eccentric x 10mm
  • 25mm Stub Axle (Refined Geometry)
  • 50mm x 2mm x 1020mm Axle Type C3.2
  • CK.SE Type Seat ‘Extra Soft’

2020 Compkart Covert 3.0 KZ Chassis